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List generated by Phantom - Erotic Story List

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The is a list of Story's/Authors (Long stories and/or serials) That I recommend reading
This list is in no way complete….and is Updated by Me from time to time.
All Stories on this list I have read or I am currently reading.
On this list you will find many of the best stories out there.
Some I'm sure I have missed but will keep trying to catch as I update it

This list Copyright 2004-2006 by Phantom all rights reserved except as noted below

The following story suggestions below are
Available at one or more of the following sites
( Unless it is noted they have been removed )

All of these above sites are free
or have some sort of free access with registration
other stories can be found at
http://www.Ruthiesclub.com/ (a pay site)
last update 11-1-2006
Aeralyndal: Shadow on the Edge,Birth of Shadow, Lurking in the Shadows
Al Steiner: Aftermath, Doing It All Over, and Many others
Andrew Wiggin: Death By Fucking, Tales of the E-Kids
Artie: Growing Up With Beth, The Golden Mule
Bfrap: Lightning Does Strike Twice, Making the Most of Our Second Chances
Cmsix: John and Argent, The rest of the Nano virus Series, Depression,
Colt45: The Sea King
C-watson: A Love for the Ages
Dark Vision: The Lottery, Lady Guinevere, Unique Adventures
Deana Johns Aka D.J. "Doc" Pedersen: "Castle in the Sand" No longer available from normal sources on the net
Dorsi: Jan, The Next Door Neighbor
DotB: After shock, Lisa Marie & Unca Tom,
Ellagon / Sir Winston: The Talosian cronicals, Star Dancer, Raptor Squadron, Armageddon,
Erotica Author: Paul's Big Find
Exalphageek: The Djinni and the Lamps
Fable: Burr, Dominoes (burr book #2)
Frank Downy: Dance Of a Life Time, Rewind, Any of his other stories
Gina_Marie_Wylie: Toms Diary, Spitfire and Messerschmitt, Laura Alban Hunt, Kinsella, Hannah Sawyer, Tangent, The Cost of Time
GoldenMage: Ascension Of The Alpha Male I & II , Anomaly
hammingbyrd7: Antelope Freeway, Kinetic
"Jabberwocky" known now as (Tony G): Accidental Commander and Dragon Slayer
Joe J: Twice Lucky I, Twice Lucky II:Time for a Change, Twice Lucky III:Divergence,
John Evans: The Pervikar Series Book 1: Pervikar Book 2: Rescue
John Wales : Tandra, Time Book 1, Leefstic, Shawn
JiMC: Lucky Tickets and Lucky Stiff
Kiwiwolf: The Real Estate Connection
Lazlo Zalezac: The John Carter universe, Thunder and Lightening, Damsels In Distress Universe
Lazlong: The Fountain of Youth part 1 & 2, Silent Endings - New Beginnings, help, Washed up, Wagons Ho!, Wagons Ho! - The Early Years
Lawrence David: The Sexiest Part of a Woman and TSPW, Theressa's Story
Latikia: Second That Emotion
Lsilverlyn: Modern Wizardry
Mack_the_Knife: The_Solitary_Arrow
Magi: Pete A Young Man's Story
Medico: The Progenitor, New Neighbors (The Progenitor Book #2)
MichaelD38/Michael Dalton aka Richard Bissell : Call Girl Cheerleaders, Orange County Babylon, Summer Camp I and II Only on Ruthiesclub
Moghal: Light and Dark, Judgements
Monbade: The Destroyers, HMS Swifshire
Morgan: The Allison McGrath Clifford Series or any of his stories
Ms_Friday: Past_Lives (You need a Premier account at SOL or a good friend for this one)
Naked in School Collection: Many Various Authors
Net Wolf: CAMP: Ron's Journey, Program Alpha-Omega , Where the Maiasaurs Roam
Nick Scipio: Sumer Camp Book 1: Susan, Book 2: Gina, Book 3: Kendall, Book 4 Christy
Night_Hawk: Kelly, Once More With Feelings
Old Fart: Jack and Jill
Onagerian Surmise: Stormy Monday
Openbook: The Caddymaster series, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade
Paul_Phenomenon: Protect_and_Serve (You need a Premier account at SOL or a good friend for this one)
Rare Dream: Bowling for Hearts
Razer: Godslayer, The End of Prophecy
RealLifeDragon: Cammie Sue books I II & III
Rellik: Journey to the past, The Return, My Last Rescue, Doorway into the Past
SacWriter: Becka the Beast, Munchkin, Comic Book Hero
Santos J_ Romeo: Adventures of Me and Martha Jane
Siath: Earth base alpha
Sea-Life: The Light Behind The World, Legion of Light
Shadow of Moonlite: Sleepwalker
Shrink42: Redemption, Banner_Year
Strickland83: Havana Club, After Fidel
Swabby: Steve and Kemon
Tajod: Choices
The Caddy: A golfers Dream Books I II & III, Jennifer's Terrible Fall
The Old Guy: I Fell Through, A New Life, What The Future May Bring, Nieces
Timm: The Bounty Hunter series ,The Faster Than Light Universe
Unknown1000u2: My Girls, My Girls II The End Of Cycles, The Beginning Of Knowledge
The Right Reverend Cotton Mather: Playing the Game, Book II: Playing to Win, Book III: The Competitive Edge (currently only available on his yahoo group file section
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RCMStories as he's pulled them to edit and attempting Dead tree publishing of this story)
The Scot:
The Hawk and The Chipmunk (Ashes to Ashes) no longer Available on the Net ((the Scot hinted on his SOL Blog Page a bit back that he was going to rewrite this and repost it sometime in the future.))
Volentrin: Collision Course and After, Battlesphere, P I And Magic, P I and Magic Book II The Gods Return, The Gift, The Gift Book II, Remote Viewing
Warlord: Atlantis, Scout, Wild West, Absolute Power, Blood and Iron
Woodwiz: Amanda's Eyes
Anyone Wishing to repost this list may do so as long as they "cedit me as it's creator" and "Do not modify the above list". Please post any or all additions to the bottom of the list only ...Thanks --- "Phantom"

The following are available only at personal websites or sites other then those listed above
Fel: The Sennadar Series (The Chronicles of Tarrin Kael ) Subjugation, Dragon Star, Alpha Project
All are very good but are Non erotic and Sci-Fi /Fantasy
The most complete set of Fel's works are located at
Ian Schue : The ThorHammer Series at

In addition,
http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com/ Has Baen Cd's with collections from David Weber,
John Ringo and David Drake... these are Free as long as there is no $$$ charged for them
(For more info See
http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com/03-SlammersCD/SlammersCD/orientation.htm )

they are also Available for free on Baen books web Site



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Date:November 2nd, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
Date:November 25th, 2006 03:41 pm (UTC)

your list

You can get some of Michael D's stories from yahoo. It is a round about way of doing it but Gary Jordan has him as one of his favorite authors. Punch up his list then follow the links. This is FYI
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Date:November 26th, 2006 01:03 am (UTC)

Re: your list

Went digging and unfortunately I guess I can not find the right Gary Jordan.

I did find a link that pointed to Old Joe on Asstr but as noted there Michael D (Richard Bissel) moved to Ruthie's

Can you post a link to the right Gary Jordan?

Date:November 28th, 2006 02:42 pm (UTC)

Re: your list

I just checked Gary Jordan's site and followed the links. Apparently the links to Google were taken out because it now tells you to go to Ruthie's. Sorry to lead you on.
Date:November 28th, 2006 03:24 pm (UTC)

Re: your list

You can find 4 Michael D. stories by going to Gary's page at Asstr. Go to authors, go to Gary, go to his favorite authors, click on Michael D.. It will take you to Google. The stories are linked from there .
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