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Do something, or stand and watch as a girl is hit by a train. Jim chose to do something and saved her life.
He didn't expect the problems that choice presented him, nor the difficult choices that confronted him, and both families, in the future.
*(Check the codes before reading)* Joint Winner Silver Clitorides Award February 2006
Codes: Mf FF Ff gi slow rom 1st cons lolita inc mother sis fath dau les bi het group oral mastrb
Posted: 2004-08-09 (concluded 2006-02-01)

Ok not my usual kind of story. But it had been recommended and so I started in.
34 chapters later I was crying.

Excellent story though it was to me a bit rushed at the end.
33 chapters covering about a year. 1 chapter wrapping it up and tying up.
If ANY of the story codes squick you stay away but you will be missing a good read.
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